The Retired Physicians Orgnization was founded in 1995.

It is a dynamic forum with over 600 members.

Spouses are welcome at all functions.


The many social and service opportunities include:

Monthly luncheons with guest speakers

Dinner parties with entertainment

Monthly newsletter

Teaching at UT School of Nursing

Teaching at UT Medical School

Disaster response team

Annual ethics CME

Philosophers’ Club

Life writing group

Bridge Club

Science Engineering Fair judging

Performing Boy Scout physical examinations

Medical Museum support

Medical supplies to third world countries

TMA representation

Art shows and art outings

Tai Chi

Volunteering at charity medical clinics

Health talks at City of Houston Service Centers

If you are a retired physician or are considering retiring you are welcome to join our organization.

Please call Debbi Eschenback at 713-524-4267 ext. 245